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Active and passive muscular-skeletal disorders are developing and increasing everyday challenges in today’s society. Manufacturing orthopedic devices that supplement a therapy approach. It also alleviates an individual handicap, plus satisfies the individual demands and requirements of a patient. This is a miracle. Understandably: An orthosis or prostheses can only fulfill its designed purpose if it is accepted, worn, and integrated into every day life by the patient. Up-to-date orthopedic technology connects highly developed industrial products with hands on knowledge plus years of experience.

  • Leg and Arm Prostheses
  • Torso Corsets
  • Back Support Corselet
  • Body Braces
  • (Sports-)Ortheses
  • Bandages, Hernia Support
  • Arch Support (Area of expertise: sensomotor)
  • Orthopedic custom-made shoes